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Road Reimagined
Roll smooth, roll fast, roll confident. Wherever the road takes you, roll with Cannondale Synapse – the most comfortable, all-around, up-for-anything, pure road machine.

Where it thrives
The open road, rough pavement, long rides

What it’s built for
Long Rides, Lunch Rides, Group Rides, Solo Rides. Your Roads – Your Way

• Lightweight Synapse Carbon Frameset / SmartSense system with front and rear lights
• Shimano 105 11-speed group Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes

Cannondale Synapse might just be the perfect endurance road bike. Supple and comfortable. Light and fast. Composed, capable, and easy to ride hard on all kinds of roads. It’s the perfect balance between the exhilarating speed of Cannondale’s race-winning road bikes and the up-for-anything adventurousness of gravel bikes. It’s a pure celebration of everything we love about road riding.

Visibility, awareness and confidence are built-in. The all-new Synapse L comes with SmartSense—an intelligent system of lights that make it easier to ride smart.

On every ride, SmartSense has your back. Just snap the power pack into the cradle, and roll out, knowing the lights make you more visible. SmartSense is cycling tech that’s easy to live with.

Synapse with SmartSense is intuitive and easy to use, and made picking your ideal setup easier than ever. Need the full package of radar, lights and electronic shifting? Opt for the RLE models. Are radar and lights your essentials? Go for the RL. Maybe you just need daytime running lights for vigilant visibility – the L model is for you.

So Smooth
With Synapse, comfort is built-in. Discreet flex zones in the rear triangle, seat tube and seatpost absorb road chatter and bumps without adding weight or isolating you from the ride experience.

So Fast
Lightweight carbon construction. Subtle aerodynamic shaping of the frame and fork. Size-specific design for perfectly tuned stiffness. It all adds up to a road bike that loves to fly.

So Capable
With a comfortably balanced riding position, confidence-inspiring handling, room for 35mm wide tires for cushion and grip, and plenty of gear/bottle mounts, Synapse is ready to rock on any road, anywhere.

All Systems Go
With just one thing to charge and remember, SmartSense makes it easy to head out and ride. No managing multiple devices, fiddling with settings or pairing. Just click in the power pack and go. It even turns itself on. It’s peace of mind, made easy.

See and Be Seen. Ride assured.
Ride assured with smart daytime-running lights that automatically adjust to ambient light conditions—enhancing your visibility to other road traffic. They even act as brake lights when slowing—keeping you confident and calm from sun-up to sun-down.

Key Features
? Wide-Ranging Capabilities: Clearance for 35mm tires lets you venture beyond the perfectly paved with comfort and grip – or ride through the wet season with full fenders.
? Especially Smooth: Comfort and control you feel, not see. Everything you need for a bump-absorbing smooth ride is engineered into the frame shape and carbon layup – giving you a light, sleek ride that’s unlike anything else.
? Tuned for the Rider: Our Proportional Response size-specific construction creates optimal frame stiffness and compliance for each frame size so that every rider experiences Synapse’s glorious ride feel.
? Mount Up: Mounts and eyelets galore means you can equip Synapse for whatever the day has in store, including full fender compatibility. Even rain can’t keep Synapse down.
? SmartSense Equipped: The intelligent system of running lights is powered by a single power source for total convenience. More visibility. Less pre-ride fiddling. Easily upgraded with SmartSense radar for enhanced awareness.
? SAVE Bar: Comfortable, sleek and adjustable. This vibration-absorbing handlebar offers the integrated looks of a one-piece bar/stem, with the modular adjustability of a two-piece design.
? HollowGram 45 SL KNOT Wheels: Light, fast and versatile carbon wheels. Extra-wide 45mm deep profile reduces drag, increases tire volume for comfort and grip, and maintains high aerodynamic efficiency even with big tires.

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měsíční splátka na 24 měsíců
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měsíční splátka na 24 měsíců
4.767 bez DPH

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